Sunday, February 09, 2014

We meet again

Hello, my dark friend...
we meet again and
this time are you going to stay?

I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad,
I'm not sure if I can feel anything any more,
but I can tell that you slowly found your way back
crawled into my heart like a thief in the night
and when I woke up from that beautiful dream
I realised everything was gone.

Now here we are again in the same room,
only the sound of wasted time in the dark.
A blank stare, empty thoughts, broken heart.
I'm growing old, gray and hollow,
becoming hopeless and sorrowful.

Yes, my friend, I can see now
as memories start slipping away,
you really came to stay.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Let me in

Let me in
and be all yours
Let me slip slowly
into your heart
Let me discover
your vices and
love your virtues

Because I want you!

Let me realise
you want me too
Let me erase
the past and start
living again
Let the fears behind
and come, come
let me in...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


And he slowly takes the pen
His hand moves smoothly across the paper
The ink touching each atom of his white freedom
The words appear faintly and so feeble...
He's trying to feel what they say
Trying to fill the hole inside
Repeating them softly aloud
Convincing himself they will bring salvation
There is a momentary relief
Some silence in his mind
Pain dissolved in symbols
He knows it is never lasting
But it gives him comfort for now
Until he writes again...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Going to sleep

Turn off the lights before you leave
and don't look back, please...
Don't try to find your way back
into my heart like some lost keys.
There's nothing to be found anymore
Because there's nobody there
in the silence that you left here inside.

It's just a soul now craving for existence
in somebody else's dreams or even heart.

It's an echo of life fading away
in broken speeches, forgotten promises,
smashed between non-returned calls,
scattered around strange desires
all spread on this soft silky floor
that now nests me to my sleep

It's everything there but you never see
Turn off the lights now and leave...

Friday, August 07, 2009

In my life

In my life I've seen things
Some were good and colourful
Some were bad and dreadful
I've been to many places
And I've made many memories
Some of them I still keep inside
Some are forgotten in my heart

In my life I've met people
Some I know and care
Some I don't know where
Some made me what I am
Some put me really down
But still are part of my soul
Some I miss I'll never see again

In my life I've done jobs
I've had my share of books
Of tasks, of words and losses
I've built incredible things
And ruined them with a thought
I've done wonderful projects
And finished them along the way

In my life

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A permanent state
Slowly falling into numbness
A limb that doesn't move
White hands don't touch
Static stoned wide-open eyes
Blank lips aren't kissing fools

Afraid of not going out of here
Trapped in a motionless feeling
Dragged by empty emotions
In cold marble arms of nothingness

A fear of being seduced by this
Smoothly letting everything go
Surrended by a caring warmth
Of not knowing, not having,
not worrying, not there...

Giving in to becoming noboby
Taken away by this crowd
Being just a face in the rabble

Stop the body, stop the pulse
Stop this mind, stop this heart
Make this part of your life
Say goodbye now and take care

Monday, May 25, 2009


Images fade away like
pictures carved on the sand
It was a day in autumn
You and I holding hands
That was a sweet moment
We were having dinner by candlelights
Oh, the day I made you that surprise...
I just see them going away
held by a thin thread of repentance
The only thing that puts my memories together

They are not important anymore
Lost, few, insignificant remembrances
I watch them shatter in tiny pieces
taken by the wind of time
Like dead leaves from a tree
Lost, bitter, forgotten fragments of a dream

Everything is fading away
Names I forget, faces I don't recognise
People I don't see, dates I don't mind
Memories that are not mine
I thought I would never part from them

You're gone
I shall become myself again